Qualified staff of welders and fitters.


We can weld, all with maximum accuracy. We perform welding, assembling works according to the client’s guidelines.
Tight schedules are not a problem for us.

1. General contracting in energy construction

  • The energy and industrial markets are key areas of development for ARGB We have been carrying out investments in this segment of construction for many years.

2. Installation and repair of medium and high-pressure pipelines

  • We offer modernization and repair of transmission pipelines, and auxiliary equipment at home and abroad. We provide complete welding process of installation and assembly of pipelines and pipeline systems for industry.

3. Repairs of power boilers

  • We carry out comprehensive execution of works including repairs and replacements of pressure components.

4. Assembly of steel structures

Assembly of steel structures, is an important activity that should not be underestimated. The smallest mistake during the process of implementation of the project can be dangerous for the installation and those around.

We carry out assembly tasks for industrial clients, investors carrying out large-scale projects.

5. Welding services on pressurized components

  • Dealing with the heat treatment of welded joints within pressure elements requires meeting certain standards, as improper actions can lead to serious consequences. This work requires qualifications, which our company provides at every level, meeting high welding standards and procedures.


  • For many years, the company has been repairing, reworking and maintaining air heaters of all types.

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